Cosmogonically the territory for the U'wa Nation is a living being; the earth is our mother and our mission is to maintain the balance of its four pillars: water, sky, earth and mountains, because when the balance of nature is broken, the communication is broken; the direct connection between the material and the spiritual is broken.

Learn the meaning of each element for the U'wa Nation

Pasto – Vellos de la Madre Tierra


Hair of Mother Earth

Pasto – Vellos de la Madre Tierra


Hair of Mother Earth

Pasto – Vellos de la Madre Tierra


Bones of Mother Earth

Pasto – Vellos de la Madre Tierra


Sweat of Mother Earth

Pasto – Vellos de la Madre Tierra

Flowers and animals

Mother Earth's ornaments

Pasto – Vellos de la Madre Tierra


Blood of Mother Earth

Other gods accompany Sira, Creator and owner of the universe: Rairia, cares for and administers a fraction of the universe; Kanuar'a is the creator of the hills and Yaksowa is the creator of the waters.


It is a sacred area located in the highest part of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, where our divine beings coexist and the ancestral and cultural knowledge of the traditional authorities (Werjayas) is materialized.

As the essence of our spirituality, Zizuma, the U'wa Nation name for the majestic mountain that dominates the ancestral territory, plays a unique and central role in our cosmovision. It is where we connect with our ancestors, sages, and other indigenous peoples.


"Every living being has blood: every tree, every vegetable, every animal, the earth too, and that blood of the earth (ruiria, oil) is what gives us all strength, plants, animals and men".

Letter from the U'wa to humanity.

The damage that can be caused by the exploitation of oil cannot be measured and leads to the imbalance of the world, because ruiria is vital to maintain it; it is the energy of the earth and the generator of balance between the world below and the intermediate world we inhabit. If this is broken it will be reflected in natural disasters; in the contamination of water, which is life, and of the earth from which we feed ourselves. 

The exploitation of the earth generates a rupture with the spiritual, all beings on earth have their spirit. For this reason, since the early nineties, we reject oil exploration and exploitation, which in addition to bleeding the earth, causes irreparable environmental damage that undermines our beliefs.


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